Good design to me is both appearance and functionality together. It’s the experience that makes it good design – Michael Graves

Monday to Monday Expert Consulting

Are customers using your products effectively? Do you believe your company clearly understand their needs and pain points? How important is acquiring new customers to you? Do you market your products well enough? How do companies like IBM, Coca Cola, Citibank think of these strategies and remain relevant?

Organisations often have far more resources than they think they have. A well articulated strategy can unlock opportunities that provides unexpected results or even change the game forever.

But to do this, its imperative businesses understand the real problem they are trying to solve of their customers and how their products fit into their customer’s overall scheme of things. In the new world accentuated by the advent of devices, one has to be on the top of their game – be it the product design, their digital strategy or their marketing and communications.

Design.Unbounded brings a brand new concept to address the above challenges and more through a nifty but high intense consulting format. Sudhindra V., who heads design.unbounded will spend time within your organisation for just 5 days and

Assess, Report and provide an Approach Document that helps understand and prioritize the solutions using world renowned techniques of Design Thinking, Service Design and Human Centered Design.