We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill.  

We are proud to introduce Actionable Conferences, which is aimed at bringing the experience of entrepreneurial class to the intrapreneurial network.

Unlike entrepreneurs who face the challenge of building a new organizational culture and structure from the bottom-up, intrapreneurs have the often harder challenge of fighting against deeply held and widely shared beliefs, assumptions, and practices from the inside-out.

Our Actionable Conferences provides a platform which makes both ends meet

Our priority is to Identify the challenges faced by these internal change agents and finding ways to support, accelerate, and scale the work of intrapreneurs. We believe that for intraprenuers to succeed, their ideas to emerge, and their innovations to survive, there need be several competencies and conditions in place. At a high-level these include:

  • A shared sense of purpose that inspires action across employees
  • A culture of curiosity that encourages exploration and learning
  • An explicit permission to experiment with new ideas
  • An organizational structure that fosters collaboration
  • An incentive system that empowers individuals to create change
  • An operational process for executing ideas as tangible innovations