Design Chronicles – 08 Dec 2017

Take a sneak peek into the crypto valley and the making of a sound strategy in this week’s design chronicles! Future of Money is already becoming a way of life in this small Swiss town. Zug – The Swiss Crypto Valley, is a microcosm for how business, society, and government interact with each other as the blockchain […]

Designing the Right Conference

In this age of overload of information, what is the value of a conference? How much do they really benefit their attendees? People who are interested in a particular topic are quite updated and that gives them a false sense of expertise (and therefore an underestimation of the value that can potentially be derived from […]

Designing the Design Culture

Delivering consistently great design is not an accident. Companies such as Apple, Intuit, SAP and IBM are building “cultures” of design. This just goes to show the value large and successful companies are placing on a design culture. We live in an Experience Economy. People demand experiences over just products or services. They expect to […]

Design Strategy from PepsiCo

PepsiCo is going big in Design Thinking. Indra Nooyi’s interview is one of the the most comprehensive advocate-notes I have come across about Design Thinking  and about how to bring about Design Thinking to a company and the benefits that come out of it. The full interview is here – I picked out a few lines I thought was wonderful from […]

Corporate Innovation inside your organisation

“Innovation” at its very heart, is the process of creating lasting value while making the journey an enjoyable one. In today’s world, its become the mantra of growth and success and in many cases, survival. If you are a business person, you need a culture of innovation. If you are a technologist, you can’t stop […]

Creating Compelling Experiences

As an experience designer, a common term I encounter everyday is the word “experience” (surprise!).  I find it overly abused and often used in vague, unclear and sometimes disturbing connotations – “lets design a wow experience for our clients” as in impress them with jazz and razzmatazz or “we should improve the experience of the interface” as if its […]