Sudhindra_PicSketchSudhindra is the Founder and CEO of the new age design studio, design.unbounded, an organisation dedicated to bridging the gap between knowledge and action. ​

He is the author of the book “Design Chronicles – Design is an attitude”. He is an avid writer and has been published in mainstream publications such as Business Standard, Business World, Dataquest and Exchange4Media and an international speaker at various conferences on Experience Design topics regularly.​

Previously, Sudhindra was the Chief Design Officer for IBM India. In this role, he architected Experience framework for clients, built and mentored design team and shaped strategy for the future of the Experience Design discipline. ​
​Sudhindra has conducted 100s of workshops mostly involving very senior leaders including C level folks from various organisations. ​In the field for over 18 years, he has been recognized for his work through awards including ‘Most Innovative Product’ by National Infocomm Awards in Singapore, a ‘Blue Elephant’ at Kyoorius, category best in Interactive Media Awards and Internet Advertising Awards. Previously, he was with SapientNitro as Experience Design Director and established and nurtured the Experience Design practice.

Sudhindra is passionate about elevating business conversations through the power of design thinking and human understanding. His interests include designing digital environments that shape behavior and habits and that enhance the quality of everyday life. He believes in the power of design as a choice, a choice to make this world a better place and promotes responsibility of making that choice to create meaningful experiences. He is an active Interaction Design Association (IxDA) volunteer and was till recently the Regional Co-ordinator for IxDA Asia. He is a recognised Thought Leader in Design Thinking and is regularly seen sharing his thoughts over articles or as a speaker in conferences and to many start ups as an advisor.