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About – Invovle | Interact | Innovate

This above all; to thine own self be true. – William Shakespeare

Who are we?

Led by Sudhindra V, design.unbounded is a firm founded to bridge the gap between the industry and academia, between knowledge and action, also design and product realisation. Design by its very nature is constrained by elements and forces but the thinking need to not be bounded by any means in today’s world of many.

Be it critical thinking, creativity, imagination, empathy, research, visual thinking or iterative process, the value of design thinking is now relevant more than ever. Its proving to be the most important “tool” in our battle against machines and in general to uplift the society in numerous, unprecedented ways.

What we do?

We start by creating a very positive impact through design by taking a human-centered approach to help organisations innovate, grow, and contribute new ideas to the market.

Our services help organisations deliver value over time and facilitates how to be accounted for even in the early phases of innovation or the product design process. We use brand as a compass for identifying differentiated value and experience

We consider all stages of the customer journey as opportunities to provide value and further engage customers.

We facilitate in bringing the concept of time to the table as a way of exploring options, innovation, implications, and interdependencies.

We organise and deliver Actionable Conferences, which is aimed at bringing the experience of entrepreneurial class to the intrapreneurial network.

Unlike entrepreneurs who face the challenge of building a new organizational culture and structure from the bottom-up, intrapreneurs have the often harder challenge of fighting against deeply held and widely shared beliefs, assumptions, and practices from the inside-out.